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We thank you for visiting our website. Our website is designed to enhance your understanding and familiarity with TFT Display Modules and all that we do.

Intec Display is a true display module manufacturer with a strong senior team of Design, Manufacturing and Production Engineers. We also have Commercial experts managing the ebbs and flows of the volatile electronic Supply Chain. Our team members are made up of experts with decades of experience. Most of our team members come are linked to Singapore Display Manufacturers that was the center of early LCD manufacturing in the 1980s and 1990s.

Intec Display has a proud history in technology accomplishments and industry leadership. We have consistently broken barriers to supply the latest components, materials and manufacturing techniques as part of our Display Modules. Our operation, located in greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia gives Intec Display the best business status to employ Low Cost Labor, Recruit an Abundance of experienced Technical Personal, enjoy Zero Import Duty for shipments into the USA and remain exempt from the China/USA Import Tax Row.

This website will highlight our Brand of providing firsthand information on the ever evolving Display Industry. In this brief website, we will address Modularity, Stack-Up Strategies, EMS Influence, Standard Modules, Touch Panels, TFT Pricing Anomalies, Volatile TFT Glass and IC pricing due to seasonal supply and demand , Purchasing Strategies and all matters overflowing into various other display technologies such as OLEDS, ePaper and LCDs. Pricing and Strategies to Overcome it, , TFT Glass Properties, Displays: TFT, OLED, ePaper and LCD. and XXXXX.

There is a lot more to discuss so we are hoping what we can provide you perks your interest.