Optimization of Display Module Designs

  • Optimization without Material Cost Adders
  • Re-Designs without Engineering Charges

There are an Infinite number of Design Possibilities

  • Each Sub-System is Design Independent of Each Other
  • Materials can be Selectively Chosen to Accommodate Device Specification
  • Independent Modularity of each Sub-System provides Full Optimization
  • Standard Module approach detracts from Design Flexibility

Intec offers “Standard” TFT Modules. However…..

Intec Second Source Offer

  • Intec Display will enable our Customers to secure a True Second Source Product
  • Intec Display will provide Design information and Material Designations
  • Intent is to Assist a Customer Chosen Second Source to build a close Second Source Display Module

Manufacturing in Malaysia

  • Intec Display Competes with Any Display Supplier on a Worldwide Basis Low Labor Costs
  • Highly Educated Technical Staff Executives
  • Friendly to all Asian countries as well as Western Countries
  • Zero Import Duties for Shipments into the USA
  • Exempt from China/USA Import Duty Tax Disputes
  • Malaysia has comparable Business Laws to Singapore
  • English is Official Business Language

Bulletin Board

  • Visit our Bulletin Board for useful references involving around the Display Industry that are useful Design factors and Subject matters.