Circumventing Price Gouging and Long Lead Times

The Supply Chain serving the Electronic Market has always been a challenge but never as much as we experienced during the Covid era. In the 2020 time, the industry was hit with severe lead times (up to 1 year plus) and unprecedented unit price increases. These conditions were due to a myriad of factors due to the market supply/demand as well as nefarious activities creating component shortages to raise prices in the 20 X range or more. Although the component market is now back to normalcy the shock of the conditions causing havoc to both large and small OEMs remains in view.

What remains the same on an annual basis is the crunch of seasonal shortages due to the Christmas/Chinese New Year holiday shutdowns. The demand impacts the TFT Display product line even morse so since electronic games and handheld products are product categories that include TFT Glass, Touch Panels and IC Drivers.

Intec Display’s experience turning the corner on the calendar year has taught us to prepare for advanced purchases to circumvent long lead times as well as spiking component unit pricing. We work with our customers to ensure the predictable shortages will not impact scheduling or upset the projected product costs. Our discipline to manage the Supply Chain runs deep into our suppliers’ business with tracking EOL plans as well as new product introduction.