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Reveal #2

Size Matters but not necessarily for TFT Glass Pricing

Reveal #2 – TFT Glass

The cost of TFT Glass does not proportionally follow the size of the TFT Glass.

Unbeknownst to many Design Engineers there are common irregularities of TFT Glass Pricing. As example, a 5” TFT glass is More Expensive than a 7”…and an 8” is more expensive than 10”…etc.

  • The logic of cost of TFT Glass driven by size does not apply to TFT Glass.
  • Instead, TFT Glass cost is impacted by the global usage. The more popular the size, the more TFT Glass foundries build this size leading to more competition among the TFT Glass Foundries and thus lower unit pricing.
  • Many TFT Glass pricing variances exist in today’s Marketplace.

  • In addition to Popularity of a particular TFT Glass, Pricing will widely fluctuate due to seasonal Supply and Demand pressures.

  • TFT Glass is the most expensive component in a TFT Display Module and it Drives the TFT Module Unit Price. Smart design strategy will result in lower TFT Display Module unit costs.