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Reveal #3

Touch Panel Design Negligence

Reveal #3 – TP Negligence

Touch Panels are typical overlooked and taken for granted.

Since any defects of the design are not visibly noticeable, Touch Panels are assumed to be in working order with no further concern for testing.

However, Touch Panels can not be properly validated unless worst case conditions specific to the Application are introduced in Touch Panel testing.

  • Touch Panels are typically sold by Manufacturers as Industry Standards.

  • Most Designers do not fuss with the Parameters of the Touch Panel which include Sensitivity, Resistance to Disruptive Bombardment such as EMI, RFI, Magnetic Fields, Moisture, Glove Applications…. etc.

  • Like all Sub-Systems of a TFT Display Module, Touch Panels have an Infinite number of design possibilities using varied Materials and Components.

  • To Properly Validate a Touch Panel design, tests should be performed under all possible conditions the Panel will be subject to in the Application.
  • Modification of Touch Panels once Testing is performed not Complex and likely will have no Tooling Charges. This includes adjustments in Algorithms, Mechanical Shielding, Material Adjustments and other methods to Reduce Emittance of Interference coming from other Sub-Systems within the TFT Module.