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Reveal #4

Techniques to Optimize the Display Viewing Performance is Often Overlooked since the merits of this Technique is not Widely Known.

Reveal #4 – Stacking Sub-Systems and Improving Visual Performance

The Pivotal Design decision to Transform a TFT Display from Ordinary to Outstanding is in the method of “Stacking” Sub-Systems. i.e.: Cover Lens, Touch Panels, TFT Glass & Backlight.

The age-old method is to Stack each sub-system with a space in between each layer. The more effective method is to use OCA (Optical Clear Adhesive).

By Stacking with spaces, light from ambient sources will bounce around in the spacing area. In turn, light from Backlights will also bounce around causing washout of display information and a loss of clarity.

OCA eliminates all spurious light bounces and thus Clarity is increased, and Elimination of Shadowing is accomplished.

  • The best method of Stacking Sub-Systems is to implement OCA.
  • Besides attenuating stray light, OCA will ensure condensation will not occur in the Spacing areas between the Sub-Systems.

  • Here is an illustration to compare Stacking using Spacing Method vs. Optical Clear Adhesives.