Intec Display “Go to Market” Brand

The North American Display Market is highly dominated by Private Labelers and Distributors. Since this genre of suppliers do not have their own factory and are geared to market and sell “standard” TFT Modules, North American OEMs typically are not offered design flexibility to best accommodate each application.

Intec Display is not pushing Standard TFT Modules but they are part of our Pre-Tooled product category. Yet, each Pre-Tooled part is subject to an infinite array of modifications to best meet the challenges of every applications.

Does not normally receive information to instruct how to best achieve outstanding module product through smart design and comprehension of the options available insider views of the Display Industry and how to best navigate the market through smart design and comprehension of the vulnerabilities of the exposure to the design Intec Display is truly a Design and Manufacturer of TFT Display Module Manufacturers.

Having such capabilities provides Intec Display with the ability to address each application individually and develop a one of a kind Module befitting of applications’ and the nuances of the challenges of Optimizing display performance.

Through Intec Display’s Modularity methodology, tailoring TFT Module designs to meet the true challenges of every application, is achievable. In most case, without premium pricing and in most cases, carry no additional