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Reveal #5

TFT Display Modules Designed under the Modularity Approach are Inherently Optimized to specific Applications without Tooling or Engineering Fees

Reveal #5: Modularity allows for Optimization

A TFT Display Module is made up several Sub-Systems such as TFT Glass, Touch Panel, Backlight, IC Drivers, Electronic Circuits, Cables/Connectors…etc.

Through Modularity Methods, of Design and Assembly, each Sub- System, is Totally independent of every other Sub-System.

  • Since the Sub-Systems are independent of each other, the TFT Module performance can be Optimized by modifying each Subsystem in accordance with the specific Application, Environmental Conditions and User Interface.
  • Sub-Systems do not necessary need Tooling to reach Optimization. In most cases, Optimizing can be achieved through proper selection of material and components.
  • Each Subsystem has a myriad of existing material and Components effectively enabling full Display Optimization.
  • Besides TFT Glass, Visual Performance is Greatly Dependent on Materials, Backlighting Techniques, Surface Stacking Strategies and Light Enhancement Films. And the employment of OCA Stacking methods adds to the beauty of the Display.
  • Display Module Optimization does not necessarily require Tooling and/or Engineering Charges.